Cordoba Florist - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens after I place an order?
  • We will send you a confirmation e-mail to confirm that we have accepted your order which shows a copy of the order you have made. If you have made a mistake on the order, you need to tell us immediately.
  • Why do you need my phone number?
  • It is essential to provide us with your full contacts details, including a valid phone number. Customer service may need to speak to you to confirm the recipients' address, to modify the order or to confirm payment details. We will only contact you by phone in relation to the order you have recently placed.
  • How do I check the status of my order, track my order?
  • Login to my http://www.flowers4cordoba.com account to track the status of your order or visit our customer service page.
  • How will I know when the flowers have arrived?
  • We will send you a confirmation e-mail to confirm that the order has been delivered. You will receive this e-mail up to 24 hours after delivery. Please ensure that you have provided an accurate e-mail and that you have added orders@internetflorist.biz to your address book so that our e-mails do not arrive in the junk mail.
  • How do I modify or cancel my order?
  • Login to my http://www.flowers4cordoba.com account to modify your order or visit our customer service page. All changes must be 24 hours before delivery. After that time, we cannot guarantee there will be enough time for the changes you request.
  • What credit cards do you accept?
  • We accept all major credit and debit cards (not American Express) as well as PayPal. With some cards you need to request online transactions with your bank. If you experience any problems when you try to place an order please contact our customer service team who will help you to make sure that the order is accepted.
  • When will my credit card be charged?
  • We charge your credit card when you place the order. We use a very secure payment platform that enables us to charge your card immediately.
  • Is it safe to give my credit card detail on the internet?
  • At Flowers for we only use the very best in security for our online payments. We use PayPal for our online payments and as one of the largest payment processors in the world their security is top notch.
  • Will my contact information be kept confidential?
  • http://www.flowers4cordoba.com keeps customer information completely confidential. Our company does not share customers' personal information for third-party use or sell it to advertising agencies. In the event of a legal requirement, fraud, or law-enforcement request, your personal information may be shared upon request from the relevant authorities.
  • Can my order be delivered today?
  • Same Day deliveries will depend on which location/country if this is possible, due to world time differences. When entering the day and time the order system will advise if what you have selected is possible.
  • Can I specify AM or PM deliveries?
  • Yes you can. For AM deliveries please make sure you order at least the day before. Please note we cannot guarantee exact hour deliveries. When making the order you will be advised of the period of AM and PM delivery. Please note that same day orders, it is not always possible to deliver AM due to busy schedules, so the delivery may take place PM.
  • Can I send flowers on Sunday and Public Holidays?
  • This will depend on the location. When you make your order, the opening times will be advised. If the shop is closed a message will advise to choose another time or day.
  • Are there any additional charges when sending flowers?
  • The delivery costs are: A Coruña A Coruña centro 9.00 EUR, A Coruña Ames 11.00 EUR, A Coruña Arteixo 11.00 EUR, A Coruña Boiro 11.00 EUR, A Coruña Carballo 11.00 EUR, A Coruña Culleredo 11.00 EUR, A Coruña Ferrol 10.00 EUR, A Coruña Narón 11.00 EUR, A Coruña Oleiros 11.00 EUR, A Coruña Ribeira 11.00 EUR, A Coruña Santiago de Compostela 10.00 EUR, Almería Adra 11.00 EUR, Almería Almería centro 9.00 EUR, Almería El Ejido 10.00 EUR, Almería Huercal de Almería 12.00 EUR, Almería Huercal Overa 11.00 EUR, Almería Níjar 12.00 EUR, Almería Roquetas de Mar 10.00 EUR, Badajoz Almendralejo 10.00 EUR, Badajoz Badajoz centro 9.00 EUR, Badajoz Don Benito 10.00 EUR, Badajoz Mérida 10.00 EUR, Badajoz Montijo 11.00 EUR, Badajoz Villafranca de los Barros 15.00 EUR, Badajoz Villanueva de la Serena 11.00 EUR, Badajoz Zafra 11.00 EUR, Bilbao Barakaldo 10.00 EUR, Bilbao Basauri 10.00 EUR, Bilbao Bermeo 15.00 EUR, Bilbao Bilbao centro 9.00 EUR, Bilbao Durango 10.00 EUR, Bilbao Erandio 12.00 EUR, Bilbao Galdakano 10.00 EUR, Bilbao Gernika Lumo 12.00 EUR, Bilbao Getxo 10.00 EUR, Bilbao Leioa 10.00 EUR, Bilbao Portugalete 10.00 EUR, Bilbao Santurce 10.00 EUR, Bilbao Sestao 12.00 EUR, Burgos Aranda de Duero 10.00 EUR, Burgos Briviesca 14.00 EUR, Burgos Burgos centro 9.00 EUR, Burgos Miranda de Ebro 10.00 EUR, Ceuta Ceuta centro 9.00 EUR, Cuenca Cuenca centro 10.00 EUR, Cuenca Quintanar del Rey 11.00 EUR, Cuenca Tarancón 11.00 EUR, Cáceres Arroyo de la Luz 14.00 EUR, Cáceres Cáceres centro 9.00 EUR, Cáceres Coria 11.00 EUR, Cáceres Jaraiz de la Vera 11.00 EUR, Cáceres Miajadas 11.00 EUR, Cáceres Moraleja 11.00 EUR, Cáceres Navalmoral de la Mata 11.00 EUR, Cáceres Plasencia 10.00 EUR, Cáceres Trujillo 11.00 EUR, Cádiz Algeciras 10.00 EUR, Cádiz Cádiz centro 9.00 EUR, Cádiz Chiclana 10.00 EUR, Cádiz El puerto de Santa maria 10.00 EUR, Cádiz Jerez de la Frontera 10.00 EUR, Cádiz La Línea de la Concepción 10.00 EUR, Cádiz Puerto Real 10.00 EUR, Cádiz Rota 11.00 EUR, Cádiz San Fernando 10.00 EUR, Cádiz San Roque 11.00 EUR, Cádiz Tarifa 14.00 EUR, Cádiz Ubrique 12.00 EUR, Gandía Gandía centro 10.00 EUR, Girona Arenys de Mar 10.00 EUR, Girona Blanes 10.00 EUR, Girona Cadaqués 48.00 EUR, Girona Figueres 10.00 EUR, Girona Girona centro 9.00 EUR, Girona Lloret de Mar 10.00 EUR, Girona Montjoi 46.00 EUR, Girona Olot 12.00 EUR, Girona Palafrugell 11.00 EUR, Girona Portlligat 45.00 EUR, Girona Salt 10.00 EUR, Girona Santa Eulalia de la Peña 47.00 EUR, Huelva Almonte 10.00 EUR, Huelva Cartaya 14.00 EUR, Huelva Huelva centro 9.00 EUR, Huelva Isla Cristina 11.00 EUR, Huelva Lepe 10.00 EUR, Huelva Punta Umbría 12.00 EUR, Jaén Alcalá la Real 11.00 EUR, Jaén Andújar 10.00 EUR, Jaén Baeza 11.00 EUR, Jaén Jaén centro 9.00 EUR, Jaén Linares 10.00 EUR, Jaén Martos 10.00 EUR, Jaén Úbeda 10.00 EUR, León Astorga 10.00 EUR, León León centro 9.00 EUR, León Ponferrada 10.00 EUR, León San Andrés del Rabanedo 10.00 EUR, León Villaquilambre 14.00 EUR, Lleida Balaguer 10.00 EUR, Lleida Lleida centro 9.00 EUR, Lleida Mollerusa 10.00 EUR, Lleida Tárrega 10.00 EUR, Logroño Alfaro 11.00 EUR, Logroño Arnedo 10.00 EUR, Logroño Briñas 18.00 EUR, Logroño Calahorra 10.00 EUR, Logroño Haro 10.00 EUR, Logroño Logroño centro 9.00 EUR, Lugo Foz 10.00 EUR, Lugo Lugo centro 9.00 EUR, Lugo Monforte de Lemos 10.00 EUR, Lugo Ribadeo 10.00 EUR, Lugo Sarria 10.00 EUR, Lugo Vilalba 10.00 EUR, Lugo Viveiro 11.00 EUR, Manresa Manresa centro 10.00 EUR, Murcia Aguilas 10.00 EUR, Murcia Alcantarilla 10.00 EUR, Murcia Alhama de Murcia 10.00 EUR, Murcia Archena 11.00 EUR, Murcia Caravaca de la Cruz 10.00 EUR, Murcia Cartagena 10.00 EUR, Murcia Cieza 10.00 EUR, Murcia Fuente Alamo de Murcia 11.00 EUR, Murcia Las Torres de Cotillas 11.00 EUR, Murcia Lorca 10.00 EUR, Murcia Mazarron 11.00 EUR, Murcia Murcia centro 9.00 EUR, Murcia Puerto Mazarron 11.00 EUR, Murcia San Pedro del Pinatar 11.00 EUR, Murcia Santomera 10.00 EUR, Murcia Torre Pacheco 10.00 EUR, Murcia Totana 11.00 EUR, Murcia Yecla 10.00 EUR, Ourense El Barco de Valdeorras 10.00 EUR, Ourense O Carbaliño 10.00 EUR, Ourense Ourense centro 10.00 EUR, Ourense Ribadavia 12.00 EUR, Ourense Verín 10.00 EUR, Ourense Xinzo de Limia 11.00 EUR, Oviedo Aviles 10.00 EUR, Oviedo Cangas de Onís 13.00 EUR, Oviedo Castrillón 11.00 EUR, Oviedo Cudillero 20.00 EUR, Oviedo Gijón 10.00 EUR, Oviedo Langreo 11.00 EUR, Oviedo Mieres 11.00 EUR, Oviedo Oviedo centro 9.00 EUR, Oviedo Ribadesella 11.00 EUR, Oviedo Siero 10.00 EUR, Palenica Aguilar de Campoo 11.00 EUR, Palenica Guardo 15.00 EUR, Palenica Palencia centro 10.00 EUR, Pamplona Barañain 11.00 EUR, Pamplona Burlada 11.00 EUR, Pamplona Pamplona centro 9.00 EUR, Pamplona Tudela 10.00 EUR, Salamanca Béjar 10.00 EUR, Salamanca Ciudad Rodrigo 10.00 EUR, Salamanca Salamanca centro 9.00 EUR, Salamanca Santa Marta de Tormes 10.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri Acorán 13.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri Añaza 12.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri Bajamar 15.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri Candelaria 15.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri Cruz Santa 9.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri El Cantillo 12.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri El Pris 12.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri Guamasa 12.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri Icod de Los Vinos 10.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri La Laguna 10.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri La Matanza de Acentejo 11.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri La Orotava 10.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri La Victoria de Acentejo 10.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri Las Caletillas 18.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri Los Realejos 10.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri Puerto de la Cruz 10.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri Punta del Hidalgo 15.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri Santa Cruz de Tenerife Norte centro 9.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri Santa Maria del Mar 12.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri Santa úrsula 10.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri Tacoronte 10.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri Tejina 18.00 EUR, Santa Cruz de Teneri Valle Guerra 15.00 EUR, Santander Ampuero 10.00 EUR, Santander Camargo 10.00 EUR, Santander Castro Urdiales 10.00 EUR, Santander Colindres 10.00 EUR, Santander El Astillero 10.00 EUR, Santander Laredo 10.00 EUR, Santander Maliaño 10.00 EUR, Santander Noja 10.00 EUR, Santander Renedio de Pielagos 10.00 EUR, Santander Santander centro 9.00 EUR, Santander Santoña 10.00 EUR, Santander Solares 10.00 EUR, Santander Suances 10.00 EUR, Santander Torrelavega 10.00 EUR, Segovia Cuellar 12.00 EUR, Segovia Segovia centro 10.00 EUR, Soria Almazán 14.00 EUR, Soria Burgo de Osma 14.00 EUR, Soria Soria centro 10.00 EUR, Tarragona Amposta 12.00 EUR, Tarragona Calafel 15.00 EUR, Tarragona Cambrils 14.00 EUR, Tarragona Reus 10.00 EUR, Tarragona Salou 12.00 EUR, Tarragona Tarragona centro 9.00 EUR, Tarragona Tortosa 11.00 EUR, Tarragona Valls 10.00 EUR, Tarragona Vendrell 10.00 EUR, Tarragona Vilaseca 11.00 EUR, Teruel Alcañiz 12.00 EUR, Teruel Calamocha 12.00 EUR, Teruel Teruel centro 10.00 EUR, Valladolid Laguna de Duero 11.00 EUR, Valladolid Medina del Campo 10.00 EUR, Valladolid Valladolid centro 9.00 EUR, Victoria-Gasteiz Alegría Dulantzi 15.00 EUR, Victoria-Gasteiz Amurrio 10.00 EUR, Victoria-Gasteiz Iruña de Oca 18.00 EUR, Victoria-Gasteiz Llodio 10.00 EUR, Victoria-Gasteiz Oyon 12.00 EUR, Victoria-Gasteiz Salvatierra - Agurain 15.00 EUR, Victoria-Gasteiz Victoria-Gasteiz centro 9.00 EUR, Zaragoza Ateca 12.00 EUR, Zaragoza Calatayud 14.00 EUR, Zaragoza Cariñena 13.00 EUR, Zaragoza El Burgo de Ebro 12.00 EUR, Zaragoza Tarazona 13.00 EUR and Zaragoza Zaragoza centro 10.00 EUR.
  • Do the flowers come with a vase?
  • A vase is not included in the price unless specified in the product description. The vase may be different from the one shown in the example image.
  • How do I contact http://www.flowers4cordoba.com customer service if there is a problem?
  • Use my http://www.flowers4cordoba.com account to access your account and contact customer service. Alternatively, call our customer service department.
  • What are the most common problems with orders?
  • Incomplete recipient details. It is essential that you provide us with full and accurate details for the recipient. A local phone number of recipient is required to help us ensure that the flowers/gifts arrive on time. We cannot be held responsible for late delivery if this information is not provided or is incorrect.
  • What happens if the recipient is not at home?
  • Our local florists are also experts in home delivery. We know that sometimes the recipient is not at home, and this is why it is essential that you provide the phone number of the recipient so a convenient time can be arranged. We will contact you if we need further assistance
  • Changes
  • If there any changes to your order such as delivery date, delivery location, card message, etc., please email any changes to orders@internetflorist.biz referencing your order number and the changes you wish to make.
  • How do I care for my flowers?
  • It is best to keep them in a well-lit room away from direct sunlight. Make sure you change the water every two days and use flower food to help them to stay fresh longer.
  • Are consumable products allergy free.
  • Please note regarding consumable products, ingredients vary and are subject to change depending on the supplier. Internet Florist cannot be held responsible for any allergy or food intolerance etc. arising from the consumption of same.
  • Will the Flowers be like the image on the website
  • The images on our website are system images and for reference only and the delivered flowers may look different. Whilst every effort is made to match as closely as possible, sometimes colour shades can be different to the website image. Depending on availability on the day if an exact colour is not available, we reserve the right to replace with an alternative colour and if a particular flower is not available, a suitable alternative will be made to the same value or greater, to try and match as closely as possible the original request. Certain flower and plant products may be delivered in bud to ensure longer life. Packaging, boxes or vases etc may change depending on availability on the day.
  • Will Extra Gifts (Add Ons) be same as described.
  • If Teddy Bear, Vase or Balloons etc are also ordered , they will be delivered with the flowers. We reserve the right to supply the item with a change of colour/wording from image, depending on availability on the day. This does not apply to wines, which will always be as ordered, red , white, champagne etc. only the brand name may change if necessary. With regards to consumables, an unavailable item will be replaced by a similar alternative. In most cases Extra Gifts/Cakes/Chocolates have to be accompanied by Flowers. A message will advise No Product Selected if this is the case and you will need to add Flowers to your order.
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